God is a Woman

by Luisa Omielan



A note from Luisa

More than ever we need comedy that is hilarious but also thoughtful, inclusive and intelligent.

Big platforms are hesitant to take a chance on someone who isn’t a household name.

(‘Luisa should be a household name’ – Evening Standard, 2022)

Despite my best efforts. We take control of our own destiny. I know this is a sure thing. This show is so timely and relevant to the current climate, People have so far been entertained, comforted and moved by its content. I don’t want to wait for a bigwig to green light it.

So I made it myself, with the help of some friends. I hope you enjoy.


About the show


This beautiful stand up show is a new take on questions as old as time.

What is life and how do we navigate through it?

It’s a love letter to the world, featuring a woman’s best friend.

This show unpicks religion’s contribution to the suppression of women’s autonomy. It offers a hilarious alternative perspective on women in scripture. It breaks down everything you thought you knew about Mary Magdalene, the original Slut Shamed woman.

And features the most beautiful story of friendship between a grieving depressed white ex catholic comedian and a Muslim-Pakistani painter decorator.

This show provides some comfort and hope but also challenges people to seek confidence from the wisdom within.

We may not have all the answers as we navigate through this shit show world right now, but maybe our tiny contribution is enough to make an impactful difference.

Me, and you, my beautiful audiences.

Showing the world what we can do together.


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