25 Sep 2023

A Trip of a Lifetime

Hello Gang, I had the trip of a lifetime in Europe. For a long time, I have felt anxious about change. The thought of being somewhere unknown filled me with dread and stress. A primary need we all have is to feel safe and secure. Something had to change. But I hate change. So my […]

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14 Jul 2023

Six. A poem about love and grief. Written by me.

Six. My Babcia loved watching darts, She was my Sun. When she died. I would feel her peak out of the trees, through gaps between the branches and with Bullseye precision beam down on my sad lil face. This is different. It’s not like when I tell myself I will work out tomorrow, it’s just […]

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03 Apr 2023


Hey gang, Have decided I’d like to go on a little adventure. My Polish passport came through so am heading towards the motherland. but whilst doing so, I will be travelling across Europe and dropping into some comedy clubs. Do a few shows. Drive on the wrong side of the road, drink coffee in a […]

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21 Mar 2023

Takes a Village Campaign

GANG I am so excited! After another pass from a streamer i thought fuck it, my show needs to be out there. So have hired a venue, organised a crew and getting ready to film my special. God is a Woman! Here is the ‘Takes a Village” Campaign Luisa Omielan is going to film her […]

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05 Mar 2023

Valentines Party 2023

Oh Manchester!!! You did not disappoint! I had the most wonderful weekend. So Let’s start at the beginning, when I tell you the stress that goes in to these Valentines Parties. Every year it is my fav night and every year I panic, trying to get everything organised and pay for everything up front and […]

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12 Jan 2023

Happy New Year.

Hello. Wishing you a very happy 2023! I don’t know about you but man, I am so happy 2022 is over! That was a stretch! So here is what is happening in 2023. I am going to film and release God is a Woman. I am doing more behind the scenes stuff over on my Patreon, […]

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17 Oct 2022

Enough is Enough Speech

Hello my loves. I love this campaign, they want to tackle the cost of living crisis with 5 basic things.  1. A Real Pay Rise. 2. Slash Energy Bills. 3. End Food Poverty. 4. Decent Homes for All. 5. Tax the Rich. I recently did a speech at the Birmingham Rally. They have rallies […]

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19 Aug 2022

TikTok Show with Soho Theatre!!

** I am so excited!!! I am doing my first ever Tik Tok Live Stream show! Soho Theatre are partnering with TikTok to bring a new, exclusive live streaming event to a global audience direct from their Upstairs – if you’re in London then you can join us in the studio, if you’re anywhere else […]

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02 Jul 2022

Haven’t been to a show before?

Here is a Trailer for my Best of ‘Ten’ tour! LUISA OFFICIAL TEN TRAILOR  

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19 May 2022

Gaslit, Groomed and Ghosted!! ON BBC SOUNDS

My Radio 4 series is out now! Episode one focuses on Emma Goldman, you can check it out here:

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11 May 2022


Thank you so much to every one of you who had watched, shared and commented on the Amazon show. The reviews are gorgeous, here are just a few. Please watch the show and share it, I want it to go wild around the U.K!  

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05 May 2022

My Amazon Special is Out now!!

  Politics For Bitches as part of Soho Theatre on Demand, streaming now on Amazon Prime U.K. Soho Theatre Season 3. It’s Episode 8 and you can watch it on Amazon Prime now and tell everyone about it!

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27 Apr 2022

Radio 4 recording

People of Birmingham! I am recording my radio 4 series on Monday 9th May. Tickets are free but limited. Sign up here. It’s called Gaslit, Groomed & Ghosted – New terminology for the oldest tricks in the book. Man I’m good at show titles. They should pay me for this shi*. Hope to see some […]

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07 Apr 2022

Save the Date! May 6th

Politics For Bitches will be streaming on Amazon Prime UK. Thank you so much to Soho Theatre for making this happen. It was the perfect time to re write this show and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to do it and record it. I hope you guys love it! I have wanted to […]

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31 Jan 2022

Soho Theatre Special

Hey team, Happy New Year! How was your Christmas? I hope you guys got to finally spend time and see your loved ones. I got a call from Soho Theatre in December to film one of my shows in January. So two weeks ago i filmed an updated 2022 version of Politics For Bitches! I […]

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26 Oct 2021


Oh Hi guys!   I have recorded a podcast and am actually really enjoying it! It’s a little experimental, its called Notes on Tour, it’s made up of a collection of voice notes from the 24 hours before, during and after the shows. They are short little episodes, i would love you to have a […]

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26 Oct 2021


I am having such a ball on tour, it is sooo gorgeous to be out with audiences again. I have missed you. I have 14 shows left, if you are still debating whether or not to come, do know that venues are clean, super clean and doing everything they can to keep us all safe! […]

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08 Sep 2021

Step into your beautiful Power Baby! A gigantic 39!

Hello my loves we are in Virgo Season! I am 39! Its officially the last year of my thirties. I have had such a wonderful day! It’s been lovely. Too many souls have left us early, It makes me wanna shake myself sometimes and just recognise the gift that it is, to be here. Life […]

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15 Jul 2021

Going Rate to Die Nicely

Grief is the price we pay for love and it’s incredibly expensive but worth every moment. But if love was a building, a hospice would be it. I think that’s worth paying into. Hello my loves, I wrote a piece about the importance of hospice care and the need to invest in palliative care services. […]

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05 Jun 2021

One time…

One time I asked a guy if I put hoi sin sauce on his dick, I would happily give him a blow job and he declined.

I have never understood the male sex. Hence I was single up until 37 and a half.

Then I met a man in lockdown, and fell totally head over heels and we had a GREAT romance. Don’t get me wrong, Relationships are hard, with the constant compromise and the kindness and all that sharing, ffs. No wonder people used to marry off when they were 18 because once you get used to ordering a whole crispy aromatic duck for yourself, it takes real strength to start cutting those pancakes down by half.

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