I am currently developing a script idea for a TV series and have several pitch documents ready and waiting in the eaves. I am really excited about writing this current project, its a beautiful comedy show that will make you cry your eyes out and then laugh, a lot. In relief. 

Oh to write or not to write, that is the question. You see I do technically write, but I like to improvise first. That’s why I went to Chicago and spent some time doing clowning, and joke writing, and sketch shows and improvisation at Second City and the I.o. I LOVED IT. I like to improvise around ideas and then get them down on paper. I have published a book, well Penguin Random House did, but I wrote it! Well, my best mate Pas did a few pages whilst we were on holiday but only because I had a deadline, a word count and a distraction for swimming with no pants on whilst the pool was empty.

I love to write in an ensemble, I made a sketch show pilot and loved being in a writers room. And when I toured with an all girl Improv troupe, I loved that too. In lockdown I signed up for some more Improv fun with Lauren Shearing and Maria Peters, zoom improv is an artform in itself! SO yes I love stand up and the art of the solo show, but id love to be in a room with a bunch of talented people and create cool shit together. SNL would be the DREAM.


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