I got a first in Acting at Salford uni and specialised in Shakespeare as well as stand up, the two are surprisingly similar.

I found it difficult to get very far in acting, it can be difficult you see if you didn’t go to one of the fancy drama schools and if you didn’t have an agent. BUT I loved performing, so open mic nights is where it all started, by performing stand up, I was able to get better and get my name out there and have the chance to work alongside some brilliantly talented people!

I’ll tell you a story. I went up for an audition to be in the Christmas special finale of Miranda, it was a small scene, with a well to do posh lady and downtrodden common harlot.

Now at this point I hadn’t had sex for like five years so I figured I looked like the kinda woman with a rod up her ass,8k I put on a nice white shirt and tied my hair back and went for it! The audition was going well until I was stopped and asked to read for the other character. The Harlot. WHO knew?! Celibacy makes you look like you get it.

I mean I would be hugely offended, but I got the part so pure delighted!

In lockdown, I got to play Bottom in a Zoom production of Midsummer Nights dream, it was directed by Jenny Hall and stared an uber talented cast, including Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens, Wendy Morgan to name a few. You can see a review of the show here.

My dream and ambition and life goal is to be in any remake or sequel of the Sister Act movie franchise. And a barista in a Richard Curtis film.

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