What Would Beyonce Do?!

Where it all began, in a room above a pub on the free fringe back in 2012, just a girl with a dream

ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, you know when  you spotted your BABYS FATHER FATHER, and you fall CRAZY IN LOVE but it all goes tits up and you’re all ME , MYSELF AND I, then you GET ME BODIED, and your like hold up, he’s the BEST THING I NEVER HAD, I must have bumped my head because WHO RUNS THE WORLD? Well, if like me you are an INDEPENDENT WOMAN who still lives with your Mumma, come check up on it


Toured 5 years, nominated Best Comedy show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Guardian called it biggest stand up hit of the Decade and 8 sell out runs at Soho Theatre. Montreal Comedy Festival, Singapore Comedy festival, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney Comedy festival, Vodafone Comedy Festival in Dublin. Finland, Estonia, Los Angeles and New York City.

They said…

‘Created her own genre of comedy.’ – BBC

‘So fresh, so original, so funny, that you should expect a full-on rearrangement of your insides.’Vogue

‘The show Viva Forever should have been.’  -The Arts Desk

‘Bold, Brash, Beautiful.’ – The Independent

‘Megawatt comedy personality.’  – The Guardian

‘About as funny as any comedy show needs to get’ ****  – The Telegraph

‘Beyoncé wouldn’t have it in her to deliver a debut stand-up hour as fresh, ambitious and vulnerable as this existential howl of anguish.’ **** The Scotsman

‘A phenomenon.’ – Independent.

‘Fresh, frank and fearless, a gutsy new star is born’ ★★★★ – Daily Telegraph.

‘A raw natural talent doing something clever and hugely enjoyable… a star is born’ ★★★★★ – The Skinny

‘Only one word for it, Bootylicious’ ★★★★ – Chortle

‘Fast & Fabulous’ ★★★★ – Gay Times

‘A Star in her own right’ ★★★★★ – Three Weeks

‘Feel Good Hit’  – London is Funny

 ‘Queen B of Comedy’ ★★★★★ –WhatsonStage



Am I Right Ladies?!

An empowering manifesto regarding sex, mental health body image and your right to be loved. The follow up show to What Would Beyonce Do?! Where the killer soundtrack continues. Plus, It has the best Thigh gap joke in the game, you’ll have the time of your life and you will owe it all to her. #AmIRightLadies. 

Toured for 3 years, nominated Best Comedy show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney Comedy festival, Vodafone Comedy Festival in Dublin. Helsinki, Los Angeles, New York City.

They said…

‘Should be compulsory viewing.’ – Scotsman

‘Omielan, following her unprecedentedly successful debut stand-up show’ ★★★★★ – The Metro

‘Omielan is a refreshing comic voice, doing something that no-one else is doing…there is no doubt that she will become the megastar she already acts like one day very soon.’ – The Independent

‘My Favourite is Luisa Omielan whose show should be compulsory viewing.’ – Kate Copstick

‘She’s so right – and inspirational, and hilarious, and sassy.’ ★★★★★ – Chortle.

‘Omielan strikes a wonderful balance between tub-thumping for women’s rights and reinforcing her own ridiculousness.’ –   Scotsman

‘We need more comics like Omielan: bold as brass, ambitious, proud of her gorgeous, wobbly body, and, above all else, wonderfully funny.’ –  The Skinny

‘Riotous, raucous, dirty and intelligent.’ – Beyond The Joke

‘Feminism’s pop culture princess.’ ★★★★  – Times

‘Comically infectious’ ★★★★ – Evening Standard



Politics for Bitches.

The curveball show. It’s about, Politics. Brexit. Life. Death. Cancer. Cannabis oil. I know it’s Hilarious, not really, but actually kinda is. It’s a show about Politics, because I believe it is my right, to have an opinion, on something I know absolutely nothing about.

Toured for 2 years. Developed into a BBC documentary of the same title tackling Housing, NHS and social mobility. Selected for a BAFTA breakthrough, the first comedian to be awarded this prestige.

They said…

‘One of the most powerful and provocative hours to see at the fringe’  – The Telegraph

‘The comedian feels a great, justifiable anger and the show is a howl at the injustice at it all, ending in a powerful, emotive polemic about how politics affects real lives in major ways, and how we SHOULD care about it, that brings the audience to their feet.’  – Chortle.

‘The standup is hilarious and a joy to watch, but she is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tackling the absurdity of civic life in Britain’ – The Guardian.



God is a Woman

At a time when it feels like the world is about to be set on fire and we’re asking ourselves why it’s all going so horribly wrong and what can we do to fix it, my latest show GOD IS A WOMAN is here to answer these questions.

Did you know that Adam had a first wife before Eve? Her name was Lilith and she left Adam because she wanted to do reverse cow girl and he would only do missionary. But they omitted to mention that in the 7 days of creation Bible story. Now you only ever hear of Lilith as a baby eating devil monster psychopath. Sounds to me like Lileth did a Goldilocks and knew she could catch a better dick, one that was jusssst right.

How different would the world be if women’s stories had been included more? Let’s be fair, it is all the men who are fucking it rn, #YesISaidAllMen.

So as the world is set aflame and we all turn to spirituality for hope and purpose, let’s hear about the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus and cunnilingus. Now that’s a Sunday school I would have stayed awake in! What the world needs now, more than ever, is some divine feminine intervention.

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