Hi, I’m Luisa Omielan, I’m 40 and I should be Famous with a Baby right now, that was the plan. Let’s talk about reality instead and what “success” at 40 looks like…

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NOTES ON TOUR Season 3 – EU Road Trip!

Notes on Tour takes EU. I continued documenting the journey of my Summer adventure, giving an insight to a working, solo trip. Come along as I let you into the travel, cities, behind the scenes and insights into different cultures – Season 3 baby!



Notes on Tour – Apple

Notes on Tour – Spotify

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Here is a series i made called ‘ Notes on Tour’. It was recorded on my first tour after lock down, I wanted to document the journey with a series of voice notes. This is an experimental podcast, looking at the behind the scenes of a comic on the road, it’s for anyone interested in stand up, touring and giant dogs. Season 2 is out now.


All images referenced can be found at instagram.com/luisaomielan

Notes on Tour – Apple

Notes on Tour – Spotify

Notes on Tour – Audible

My Radio 4 series is out now!

Gaslit, Groomed and Ghosted. 2 episodes looking at women who have been hit with the oldest tricks in the book. I look at Emma Goldman and Mary Magdalene

Gaslit, Groomed and Ghosted. 

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