Who am I?

Hi, I’m Luisa, I am a dog Mummy to Bernie, a consumer of Cher, hoi sin sauce, weird pyjama sets that come up as facebook ads and have an unwavering passion for Sister Act 1 & 2, the Lion King and Mask ( the one with Cher in.)

Many moons ago, I was a nobody in the world of stand up, and I stopped trying to do what I thought people wanted and instead just played out what I found funny.

I created a stand up show which was way too personal and way too honest and really stupidly vulnerable, it was raw as fuck. But, as with all these things, low status scenarios with high status persona – married with a killer soundtrack makes for a phenomenal, life changing show.

It morphed from being just another stand up show into an anthemic party with Jokes in. Celebrated and known around the world with the only mantra anyone ever needs ‘What Would Beyonce Do?!’

That show ‘launched’ my career, I say launched, in my mind I had a career since the age of 4 but no one else took me seriously until I was 27. And I say Launched because at 38 I live in a terraced house in Birmingham not in my 10 million euro dream pink house in Dublin (rightmove search high to low, pink one is mine!)

But alas I digress, I earnt enough money to sustain a size 14 pants. I toured that show for 5 years and it became a book, a BBC special and a meme on a wall in every room in my house.

The difficult task then came with, how to do a follow up?! How can I get people who didn’t normally go to stand up shows, groups of women who would go bat shit mental and be up on their feet at the end of the show going absolutely crazy, how do I repeat that? How do I get my new found audiences, to feel like that again?

So, I topped it the only way I knew how. By pulling my trousers down and showing everyone my pants. Classic. Simple. Hilarious.

It worked. My opening joke to my second show Am I Right Ladies?! became a viral sensation and has had over 50 million views across Facebook and Youtube. (If I only I had said yes to advertising!)

The Thigh gap joke was born! Which is ironic because on the filming of the gala night where the snippet is from, I bombed, but that’s why the old saying is true, always perform like you are killing it, especially if there are cameras and your pants are around your ankles.  

Life took a turn and my party shows ceased, my third comedy installment to complete the trilogy was meant to be called ‘Famous with a Baby’ but shit happens and instead something else was spawned. My follow up body of work ‘Politics For Bitches’.

It wasn’t the direction I expected either, but this show became a rallying cry, a call to arms, a plea for people to pay attention and recognise for as long as we pay taxes we have a right to know what’s going on. It was a homage to my beautiful mum who sadly passed away unexpectedly.

The Politics show was beautifully supported by my audiences, old and new. And thanks to the love and opportunity presented by a production company called King Bert and the comedy dept of the BBC, it spawned a BBC documentary of the same name.

Lockdown for me was incredibly kind, I was lucky in that I could take the time to try and heal and release all the build up of work and pressure and grief, without the panic of staying on the treadmill.

Now thankfully life is much kinder, and I am too stiff to dance but too young to stay angry at the world. So I started doing some reading, about life, death, relationships, grief, horoscopes, education, rituals and low and behold, abracadabra, God is A Woman is born.

My new show! It’s really rather fabulous, it’s not got as much singing and dancing as Beyonce & ladies but it’s not as heart wrenching as Bitches. It’s about life after pain, after trauma, what life could be and what could we do with it.

For me, it’s a perfect new start.

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