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A Trip of a Lifetime

Hello Gang,

I had the trip of a lifetime in Europe. For a long time, I have felt anxious about change. The thought of being somewhere unknown filled me with dread and stress. A primary need we all have is to feel safe and secure. Something had to change. But I hate change. So my core needs were stuck on a glitch and by being in overdrive, I was consumed with feelings of stagnation and frustration. I had done everything right, everything I was supposed to, I just felt Bitter. 

Cue new Edinburgh show!*

So at the beginning of the year I made 3 promises to myself. 3 wild cards to try. To create some momentum rather than standing still. 

The first was to record and Release God is a Woman, TICK done, I have loved the response. (You can stream it now – link on the homepage)

2nd. Was to book the Edinburgh fringe festival but to do it on the down low, to go and have fun with two new ideas. Experiment with a stand up show and a musical idea.

And the 3rd was too book some shows in Europe and go on a European Road trip!

So I packed up my car and Bernie and off we went! When I tell you, I had the time of my life! I LOVED it! 

SO here are some highlights I would love to share for anyone thinking about going away traveling on their own.


  1. Just do it. Don’t wait for a friend or a partner, just do it. 
  2. Book the first few days/ weeks first and then once you have grown in confidence, go with the flow.
  3. Yes it will be terrifying. And there will be moments of meltdowns and what the fuckery. BUT I think this helps us grow. We train ourselves, that even when we don’t know what’s happening, we will be okay! I think this is a life lesson that has to happen in practice.
  4. There is nothing more grounding than being in another country, consuming another culture and feeling like an absolute idiot. It’s good for you.
  5. You WILL meet incredible people. Its amazing how at home, i would seldom go to a museum or gallery but abroad, i wanted to do all the stereotypical things. Do them. You recognise we are all the same, we all have the same wants and needs, we all care about the same things. And when you look at artifacts from thousands of years ago, right up to the present day, it all makes sense. We immortalize in art who we love, what we love and how we lived. 
  6. I travelled with Bernie and for me, she was the best companion. If you are travelling with a dog, do triple check when they say dog friendly. That they mean ALL dogs, not just the little rat ones. I had driven for 3 hours for a hotel in Brussels, only for them to clarify they are only dog friendly for dogs under 15kg, Thats a cat.
  7. Having Bernie meant I actually had better living standards than I had I travelled alone. I needed an outside space, ground floor or a lift and air con. ALWAYS BOOK AIRCON. 
  8. Eat and eat some more. You are walking a lot more and mate, enjoy the food.
  9. THE FOOD!! Oh my goodness, I had some of the best meals of my life, Poland is underrated. Genuinely the best food. I have gourmet, michelin star restaurants for a fraction of the price you would pay in the U.K.
  10. Don’t mistake traveling solo for an excuse to stay at home on your own. Get dressed up, take yourself on a date night, do go exploring, dancing, drinking. Be safe, know where you are stayin but do go and explore. 
  11. Google pin point on maps is your friend. Wherever you start, Pin it!!
  12. People will seem rude, and will seem abrupt, learn to laugh it off. Its just a culture difference and let them get on with it. Do not take it personally.

The main things I came away from Europe with are, 1. I love Bernie more than ever, what a legend. 2. I am so proud of myself, i regulated my nervous system, I challenged myself, i made shit happen and I am okay. 3. Why the fuck am i living in Birmingham when there are places in Switzerland where you can sit by a crystal blue river or stream and LITERALLY DRINK THE WATER, whilst looking up at snow top mountains as you bathe in a bikini because its 30degree sun. Mate. UNREAL

So Here is where I Highly recommend you visit. 

Poznan Poland – Beautiful, in fact anywhere in Poland but especially Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk. And eat. Eat out all the time, EAT ALL THE FOOD.

Switzerland. Basel and Bern!! Yes there is Zurich, but theres places are stunning! Naked sunbathing gardens for women only?! YES PLEASE

ANTWERP oh my god, for shopping, the boutiques were UNREAL


Henschotermeer Lake in the Netherlands. Like a mini tropical island. 


Top tips. Go basic and go boujee, I slept in the car and I stayed in a presidential suite! My favorite accommodation though? Without doubt had to be the campsites. ON ground level, with air con, in an area of natural beauty and you can park right next to your base.   OH THE LUXURY yes, campsites are the way forward and now I want to be a granny and buy a caravan 



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