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Valentines Party 2023

Oh Manchester!!! You did not disappoint! I had the most wonderful weekend.

So Let’s start at the beginning, when I tell you the stress that goes in to these Valentines Parties. Every year it is my fav night and every year I panic, trying to get everything organised and pay for everything up front and hope and pray that people, A. Buy tickets so I can cover these costs and B. Have the night of their life!!

Manchester was a gamble, I have never taken my Valentines party anywhere outside of London. (bar the one time we did it from my living room in Birmingham during Lockdown)

I hired the space and these guys were PHENOMENAL. The whole team at the BEC took such great care of my and my friends. Pas caught the train up and Kelly brought a friend down from Glasgow. We arrived at midday and spent the whole day decorating and blowing up balloons.


I was super worried as I had only just broken even and its so much work to go into an event , during a cost of living crisis. Where you don’t want to over spend but you also cannot afford to. equally you don’t want the venue to look like shit. It’s a lot of work that goes in way before you even get to perform the actual show.

But it was incredible, the show went amazing, the DJ was killer. The after party was epic. AND my fans sold me out of merch!!! SO i got to make some money too.


I LOVED it!! Thank you Manchester. I don’t know if and when I will do any again, the night before I was pretty adamant this would be my last one, but the morning after, I’m always like “Bring on next year!

We will see what life has planned xx“

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