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Takes a Village Campaign

GANG I am so excited! After another pass from a streamer i thought fuck it, my show needs to be out there. So have hired a venue, organised a crew and getting ready to film my special. God is a Woman!

Here is the ‘Takes a Village” Campaign

Luisa Omielan is going to film her stand up special God is a Woman. And she needs YOUR help.

Who is God? Don’t worry, Luisa will tell you all about her.


Luisa Omielan started speaking to an audience who were never found in comedy clubs over ten years ago. She has undeniably contributed to the UK comedy landscape and created an inclusive environment for girls, gays and everyone in-between. Luisa invigorates festival audiences in the same way Daniel Sloss, Hannah Gadsby and Fleabag did, with her critically acclaimed, genre defining work. 

Luisa has spent her whole career focusing on her live voice. People still ask to see ‘What Would Beyonce Do?!’ and ‘Am I Right Ladies?!’ They are timeless. Politics For Bitches was the highest reviewed show of the Soho Theatre specials on Amazon Prime…

Of Polish descent, Luisa was the first comedian to be recognised with a BAFTA Breakthrough Award for stand up. Despite this, she has never been able to get her show streamed on an international streaming platform. 

Everything is more expensive now and companies are more hesitant to invest in anything unless it’s a sure thing. How do we prove to them this is a sure thing?! 

It’s time to stop waiting for someone to give us the green light and validate our own voices. Show them we have the people power and the audiences, as always, are ahead of the curve. So let’s do the big thing and make it happen together. 

From Luisa

I feel like because I am still broke in comparison to the greats (comics) (rich in dog mate) I can do stand up that’s real, raw and relevant to what I see and experience happening in my world. The tricky part is how many people can see it. I really care about my stand up, it’s imperative to me, my shows are on the money, inclusive, intelligent and hilarious as f. I’m bored of seeing Meghan Markle tropes and anti abortion narratives. My shows aren’t just ahead of their time, they are on it. I know it could help so many people and be an antidote to what’s out there. 

Specials are expensive to film, to give you an idea, I know of ones that have been made in the U.K. costing anything from £25k – £500k. The plan is to film the show, edit it and get it uploaded on my website and available for streaming. People can pay to download it. If you can’t donate, the show will be made free on Youtube at a later date. 

Now like my bottom and my heart, my dreams are massive. And like my boobies my budget is small but perfect for the job. We are currently working with the budget which will be supported with pre orders, ticket sales and YOU!

I don’t expect people to donate. I know it’s been a tough time for everyone. If you can pre order, please do. If you cannot afford to donate, I don’t want you to. What I want and I would love your help with is much more valuable. And that is your skillset, your networks and your support. I want to help build a community that can make this show happen. 


About the Show

This beautiful stand up show is a new take on questions as old as time. What is life and how do we navigate through it? It’s a love letter to the world, featuring a woman’s best friend. 

This show unpicks religion’s contribution to the suppression of women’s autonomy. It offers a hilarious alternative perspective on women in scripture. It breaks down everything you thought you knew about Mary Magdalene, the original Slut Shamed woman. And features the most beautiful story of friendship between a grieving depressed white ex catholic comedian and a Muslim-Pakistani painter decorator. 

The Visuals

The visual for this special is unique, we want the audience at home to feel totally immersed. Capitalizing on the ancient art of storytelling and preaching, we want to record this show in an intimate setting embodying nature and femininity that’s immediately associated with community. I have found the perfect venue in the Oran Mor, Glasgow. Glasgow is a very special city to me, having shown me immense generosity and kindness. I am so glad I get to do it here. It’s really important to me to hire and utilise local talent as much as possible. 

The Challenges – Can you help me with the following? 

I have less than 4 weeks to try and fill a venue. I need contacts for (all paid)

A Florist – can be Fake

Candles – I need ALL THE CANDLES (LED)

A Hair Stylist

A Make up Artist

An Outfit – (thinking Wedding Boutique vibes lol)

A Groom for Bernie. (as in a wash not related to above)

A Stage Manager / Script supervisor 

Most importantly, A FULL HOUSE!!



Here is what I have been able to lock in so far:

The Venue

The Lighting Rig

The Audio

The Film Crew

An Editor

Two assistants! (Hi Kelly & Harry)

The Previews


Don’t despair, if you are not local to Glasgow and are based in London or Bristol, come along to my warm up shows. They are minimal entry, with a bucket donation at the end. All cash will go directly to funding this project. 

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