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Happy New Year.

Hello. Wishing you a very happy 2023! I don’t know about you but man, I am so happy 2022 is over! That was a stretch! So here is what is happening in 2023. I am going to film and release God is a Woman. I am doing more behind the scenes stuff over on my Patreon, come join me. 
Am also going to try and nail this TikTok thing. It’s a new world. But comedy is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. So if you can’t beat em! I will be hosting weekly live streams on there, having a chat with you! Come find me on Tiktok and Patreon for all the latest goings on. 
I am preparing for my Valentines Party. This year I decided to hold it in Manchester. It’s a risk, have had to hire a dry venue. Hire a whole stage and production. I hope it pays off. It’s my stand up show followed by an after party. For many years I had nowhere to go on Valentines, and neither did my Bestie. So we went out together every year and just had a laugh and some drinks and a good time. Then when I started doing solo shows, people always ended up on their feet. People wanted to go out dancing after. So 10 years ago I started doing my Valentines Party. My stand up show followed by an after party of epic proportions. R&B, Hip Hop and Power Ballads. Each year was themed and each had a tuck shop. Every year, you lot would say to me “please do it outside of London, please!!”
So this year that is what I am trying. Manchester. for the final show of the tour. The goal is, if I can get enough support behind it, to film & release this show. At the moment, it’s just trying to break even. But we getting there. I’m hopeful.Call your girls, call your gays, call your besties. Book now for the ultimate night out
Luisa Omielans Valentines Party
I hope it works and people go mad for it. I’m feeling pretty hopeful. I will keep you posted! I hope this year is good and kind to you. I look forward to seeing what we do together. 
Luisa x

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